Sony SRS-XB13 | Best affordable bluetooth speaker

Sony SRS-XB13 | Best affordable bluetooth speaker

Sony SRS-XB13 | Best affordable bluetooth speaker review

The word "Sound Quality" is always align with the brand "Sony". Sony SRS-XB13 is the latest and affordable bluetooth wireless speaker of Sony which is famous these days. Sony srs xb13 is an affordable, quality rather small portable bluetooth speaker. It also has a good battery life. some useful features and a sound profile that might impress you considering its minuscule size. But at this size, it's too big for your pocket and it's seemingly too small to create truly great audio.

Design and Structure

The SRS-XB13 stands just under four inches tall and has a diameter of around 2.75 inches. Because low-frequency waves are far longer than the interior of the speaker, this is frequently a formula for a severe lack of bass. Sony mitigates this somewhat by supplementing the 1.8-inch top-firing driver with a passive driver that sends waves out side ports near the unit's bottom. Other methods may be used, but the end effect is extraordinarily loud bass—for this little speaker.

At the bottom of the speaker, the standard Bluetooth speaker controls can be found, as well as a microphone for voice assistant and calls. The Bluetooth button can be found for pairing with phones while pressing a short press or another Sony speaker as a stereo pair by pressing a long press. The plus and minus buttons are use for raising and lowering the volume. The play/pause button has multiple additional functions. Answer/end a phone call, Invoking either Google Assistant or Siri via long press are the main functions.

Sony SRS-XB13 is available in multiple colors. Those are coral pink, black, lemon yellow, light blue, taupe, and powder blue. Sony didn’t list the wattage of the unit, but I’d guess around 5-10 watts from the volume the unit produced. As Sony indicated, this speaker has a 16 hours run time. The dust and water resistance is one of the best feature and really useful when using in outdoors.

Sound Quality

The quality of bass is mainly depending on the length of the air chamber inside a speaker. Regardless of the size, Sony claims 20Hz to 20,000Hz frequency response for the SRS-XB13. This is one of the best bass producing speaker with regards to the size of it.

The SRS-XB13 can be used in conjunction with a second Sony speaker to generate genuine stereo. Based on previous experience, I believe the improvement would be apparent. Especially since they may be spaced far apart for a broader than conventional (single-unit stereo) soundstage. In addition, I've never heard a stereo reproduction that I didn't like far above mono. Bluetooth 4.2 is included in, and the SRS-XB13 connected quickly and smoothly. It has a 10 meter range and can be connected easily within the given range.


Considering the price factor, This is one of the best you can get for under $50. Sound quality, battery life, build quality and also the design is really good and I hope you all will love this product.


Little compression when playing at max volume

Good design, convenient controls

IP67 dust and water resistance

Loud and detailed for its size


Doesn't get very loud.

No graphic EQ or presets.

Requires two units for stereo sound.



Extra bass for deep, punchy sound regardless of the size

Sound Diffusion

Sound Diffusion Processor expands sound far and wide. Sound is much more clear and sharp


Waterproof and dustproof and IP67 rated

Battery Life

Up to 16 hours of battery life with battery indicator


USB Type-C port included


Can you use with Google assistant?

Yes. Google assistant and Siri

Is there a Warranty ?

1 year limited manufacturer's warranty in the US and Canada only

Can you connect more than 2 together?


Can it play music while charging ?


Does it have auto-off?

Yes. After 15 mins.


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